Health System Strengthening

RACHA, at its heart, is a Capacity Building program. It works to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Health at the health center, district, provincial, and national levels.

Maternal and Newborn Health

In Cambodia, the maternal mortality ratio is approximately 473 maternal deaths for 100,000 births and is even higher in many rural areas. RACHA works closely with the Ministry of Health to reduce these deaths, and has succeeded in lowering the rates over the past several years.


In Cambodia, child health is a serious issue. The under five mortality rate is 83 deaths per 1,000 births. Child health is one of RACHA's core focus areas and has been since the organization's founding in 1996.


Malaria is one of the first leading causes of hospitalized death in Cambodia annually, and about 5% of population is at risk.

RACHA was greatly honored to be one of the organizations visited by a delegation from the UK based organization RESULTS UK on February 21, 2014. The group was composed of Baroness Suttie, Michael Connarty MP, Laurence Robertson MP, Nic Dakin MP, Mark Pawsey MP, accompanied by Steve Lewis, Jess Kuehne, Megan Wilson-Jones and Reg Davis from RESULTS. RACHA Board member Mr. David Awcock, and a representative from Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), Mr. Richard Winterton also attended.

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