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RACHA Launches CHOBA Project in Pursat

Posted: 23rd Jun 2013


On June 5, 6, and 7th, RACHA launched the initial implementation phase of CHOBA in three communes, Svay Doun Kaev, Rumlech, and Khnar Totueng in Bakan, Pursat Province. CHOBA, (Community Health Output-Based Aid), is a community-based project aimed to increase the sanitation coverage in communities by specifically mobilizing the most poor and vulnerable. In partnership with East Meets West, RACHA is working to address a fundamental health disparity in Cambodia. Cambodia lacks adequate levels of sanitation all across the country; primarily in rural areas. Families lack access to safe drinking water, knowledge of healthy hygienic practices, and sanitation facilities essential to improving the health and well-being of the community. Improved sanitation and hygiene is a key intervention to combating diarrhea, improving nutritional status, and prevention economic and labor loss from illness.

RACHA facilitated and mobilized community leaders including local authorities, village partners and volunteers, latrine suppliers, and other NGO partners to champion the needs and benefits of improved sanitation. In early June, RACHA facilitators conducted the first training of trainers for village partners and volunteers of these three communes. Strengthening capacity, RACHA trained local leaders on sanitation promotion, facilitation, social marketing, and health and hygiene messaging for their respective villages. This training included explanation of purpose of CHOBA program, economics of poor sanitation, health education promotion to trigger behavior change through demand for latrines, and the support of CHOBA in reducing financial barriers to behavior change. In addition, the RACHA team met with local suppliers to ensure quality supply of latrine parts and installation for the next three months of implementation.

Once the three communes are operational in CHOBA implementation and monitoring, RACHA plans to scale up to other target communes further increasing access to knowledge, improved practice of hygiene, and improved sanitation.

You can read more about CHOBA here.

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