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Updates on RACHA Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Projects

Posted: 4th Dec 2013


The floating village in Chong Khneas, Siem Reap. Chong Khneas community members access RACHA's floating water filtration station.

We are thrilled to announce recent successes of our Water, Santiation, and Hygiene (WASH) programs.

RACHA includes WASH interventions as an important element of maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) programming. Poor health can reduce productive activity as instances of disease deplete family income and worsen poverty, making clean water and sanitation key to preventing disease and improving health overall.

RACHA continues to produce and distribute safe water through Biotech Water Filtration Systems (BWFS), and to educate villagers on hygiene and sanitation to reduce water-borne diseases through Comedy for Health and other education programs. The BWFS program includes 94 water microfiltration systems installed at Health Centers to date and much larger stations that serve many villages, such as the Chong Khneas and Samrong projects.

With support from USAID, the two BWFS in Chong Khneas and Samrong communes are well functioning as planned, enabling community access to treated drinking water. The station in Chong Khneas commune covers 1,222 households with 6,676 people in seven floating villages in Siem Reap province, whilst the station in Samrong commune serves 2,923 families with 14,819 peoples in 14 villages in two communes in Pursat province. The stations have production capacity of 7,100 liters and 15,000 liters per day, and during the last six months they produced and distributed 501,260 and 484,470 liters of drinking water respectively. In 2013, production increased by 38% overall.

The project is directly improving the health of the community. The incidence of diarrhea has dropped dramatically at Chong Kneas commune with households reporting in the survey that during the last two weeks (of the survey), incidents of diarrhea amongst children U5 dropped from 61.7% (2009 baseline assessment) to 12.9% in 2013.

wash interventions success graph

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