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East Meets West and RACHA to Continue Partnership

Posted: 23rd Jan 2014


RACHA is thrilled to announce that it will continue its partnership with East Meets West in order to implement the CHOBA project. After a successful start in 2013, East Meets West will continue to fund the CHOBA project in Pursat Province. CHOBA (Community Health Output Based Aid) is a project aimed to significantly increase sanitation practices and hygiene behavior change among poor rural households through community education, outreach, and the installation of latrines in poor households. Output-based aid ensures personal responsibility for sanitation through conditional rebates, only awarded when installation and utilization of latrines have been verified. Since CHOBA began, RACHA has built and verified 243 latrines and registered 476 families as part of the program.

In the next six months, RACHA plans to register 1,500 more families, with the goal of 3000 families by the end of 2014. We are excited to continue this project that provides tangible benefits to families in need in Pursat Province. You can read about one family in the CHOBA project here!

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