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    Birth spacing and limiting
    01 Oct 97 Anneke Westerhof
    Phan Sokhom
    Memisa Kampot
    Experience and Result with Birth Spacing Awarness Activities Training of commune staff in providing contraceptives and counselling is most important to overcome misunderstanding and unfounded beliefs. Main focus is women and men in villages in the rural area.When starting community based activities it is important to set up objectives with the commune staff and the healthcentre committees to do a good follow-up.Community based activities should be a priority in order to bring services as close as possible to the population. BAA.pdf
    01 Jun 01 RACHA IUDs: Increasing Women's Option A Study to Provide the Basis for IUD Promotion This report presents the results of investigating the knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices (KABP) related to IUDs. The study forms part of an activity to develop "Accredited Centres of Excellence" (ACE) in birth spacing services; it forms the basis of a marketing strategy to promote IUDs as a birth spacing option. Research results will be used to identify messages and specific target audiences and to select the most appropriate channels to achieve communication and programme objectives _14_Studies__IUD-_Increasing_Women_Option.pdf
    Jan 2003 RACHA/MOH RACHA Family Planning Leaflet A 6-panel leaflet in Khmer containing information about general family planning. RACHA_Family_Planning_leaflet.pdf
    Jan 2003 USAID and Measure DHS Fertility and Its Determinants - A Seminar Presentation A seminar presentation on fertility and its determinants including:
    - Fertility levels, differentials & trends
    - Fertility-related factors
    Jan 2003 USAID and Measure DHS Family Planning - A Seminar Presentation A powerpoint presentation on family planning including the followings:

    - Knowledge & Attitudes
    - Use of Family Planning
    - Exposure to Family Planning Messages
    14 Jan 03 Health Messenger Birth Spacing (Health Messenger: Issue 14, January 2003) The birth spacing policy is highly
    placed on the agenda of the Royal
    Government of Cambodia, because
    birth spacing is not only important in
    saving lives but also in improving
    the health of mothers and children.
    28 Jul 03 Dr. Chhun Long Dr Chhun Long VSC and National RH program English.ppt Voluntary Surgical Contraception Sterilization Conference Dr_Chhun_Long_VSC_and_National_RH_program_English.ppt
    25 Jul 03 Ky Kien Hong Dr Ky Kien Hong Minilaparotomy Khmer.ppt this article not has the summery Dr_Ky_Kien_Hong_Minilaparotomy_Khmer.ppt
    25 Jul 03 Dr. Hong Dr Hong VSc in RACHA focus provinces English Voluntary Surgical Contraception in Cambodia
    Racha and The Partnership Focus Areas
    25 Jul 03 Dr. Ly Tung NSV presentation Khmer This article not has the summary Dr_Ly_Tung_NSV_presentation_Khmer.ppt
    25 Jul 03 John Pile The Future of Vasectomy in Asia English.ppt The Future of Vasectomy in Asia English John_Pile_The_Future_of_Vasectomy_in_Asia_English.ppt
    25 Jul 03 John Pile Vasectomy clinical findings English.ppt Vasectomy clinical findings John_Pile_Vasectomy_clinical_findings_English.ppt
    25 Jul 03 Svay Rieng Svay Rieng VSC results Feb 02-May 03 Khmer.ppt Svay Rieng VSC results Feb 02-May 03 Svay_Rieng_VSC_results_Feb_02-May_03_Khmer.ppt