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    Child Health and Breastfeeding
    01 Jun 00 RACHA Nuns by the Truckload - English language Text and photo report of RACHA health promotion initiative of Buddhist nun mobilized to disseminate correct breastfeeding information in Pursat town, Camdodia. NunTruckENG.pdf
    Jan 2003 HKI/MOH/WFP/USAID HKI Infant Breastfeeding leaflet A 6-page leaflet in Khmer communicating the importance of breastfeeding infants. HKI_Breastfeeding_leaflet.pdf
    Jan 2003 RACHA/MOH RACHA Exclusive Breastfeeding leaflet A simple 2-sided leaflet containing information about the importance of exclusive breastfeeding. RACHA_Exclusive_Breastfeeding_leaflet.pdf
    Jan 2003 HKI/Rotary Intl./MOH/USAID HKI Nutrition leaflet A 4-panel leaflet in Khmer which identifies food groups and contains information about infant and young child feeding (ages 0 to 5 years). HKI_Nutrition_leaflet.pdf
    Jan 2003 RACHA/MOH RACHA CDD flip chart Five front-and-back flip charts/cards in Khmer containing information about treatment and danger signs of diarrheal disease. RACHA_CDD_flip_chart.pdf
    Jan 2003 RACHA/MOH RACHA Breastfeeding flip chart A series of 5 front-and-back flip charts/cards containing information about immediate breastfeeding, exclusive breastfeeding, and starting complimentary feeding. RACHA_Breastfeeding_flip_chart.pdf
    Jan 2003 HKI/MOH/WFP/USAID HKI Breastfeeding leaflet #2 A 6-panel leaflet in Khmer showing the importance of breastfeeding for mother and child, and proper breastfeeding technique. HKI_Breastfeeding_leaflet2.pdf
    30 Sep 03 Evaluation Consultant: Donna Sillan, MPH LIGHT FOR LIFE The Light for Life Child Survival Program is a collaborative partnership between World Relief Corporation and the Ministry of Health of Cambodia, and communities of the five communes (the northern section) of Ponhea Kriek District in Kompong Cham Province. It is located about 5 hours drive north and east of Phnom Penh, on the Ho Chi Minh trail, close to the border of Vietnam. The project location is primarily rural with several small urban and peri-urban areas. Total population in the project area of 84 villages is 74,873 (1998 census). The majority of the people are ethnic Khmer and Buddhist, while 20% are ethnic Cham (Muslim) minority. Female literacy in the 84 project villages is 26% compared to the national average of 55%. There are approximately 33,700 beneficiaries: 14,600 children under 6 and 18,700 women of reproductive age. Reproductive-aged women constitute about 25% of the population, and children under 6 represent 19.5%. (0-4 year olds are 13.4% of population). CHH-030.doc