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    Drug management
    01 Jan 99 RACHA 1999 - Stock Level Survey of Dispensed Quantities and Store/Management Conditions at Health Centers and Refferal Hospitals of the MOH The 1999-Stock level survey is carried out to evaluate the logistic system performance, to gather information about range of services available, and to compare the findings with the 1998 survey. StockLevel99.pdf
    01 Jul 99 RACHA Logistics Management Manual for Referral Hospital Manual for those who manage essential drugs and contraceptive supplies. LogMRHosp.pdf
    01 Jul 99 RACHA Logistics Management Manual for Health Center This manual provides standardized procedures and guidelines for the managment of essential drugs and contraceptive suppliesat the health center level. LogManHC.pdf
    01 Jul 99 RACHA Logistics Mangement Manual for Referral Hospital-Trainer's Manual A workshop plan designed to provide hospital pharmacists with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage the distribution and logistics system of essential drugs. LogMRHTrainMan.doc
    01 Jun 98 RACHA 1998 - Stock Level Survey of Dispensed Quantities and Store/Management Conditions at Health Centers and Refferal Hospitals of the MOH The 1998 Stock Level survey is conducted to determine actual amount of essential drugs and contraceptives located in public health facilities, and to determine whether these amount meet the monthly distribution demands StockSur98.pdf
    01 Feb 02 RACHA and the Essential Drugs Bureau of the Ministry of Health Assessment of Contraceptive Stock Level and Logistics Management in 56 Health Facilities A comprehensive survey of contraceptive stock level in 56 health facilities throuhgout Cambodia. A project funded by UNFPA and implemented by the RACHA in collaboration with the Essential Drugs Bureau and the National Center for Health Promotion



    01 07 04 PSF-CI Cambodia,
    Project financed by ECHO
    In collaboration with the Drug and Food Department
    (Essential Drugs)
    of the Ministry of Health of Cambodia,
    DRU 038 Essentail Drug BookletEVersion ESSENTIAL DRUGS
    Basic Information
    for Health Center Staff and Drug sellers