Resource Catergoriesgoto
  • Accute resperitory infections
  • Ante natal care for pregnant women
  • Birth spacing and limiting
  • Capacity building
  • Child Health
  • Child Health and Breastfeeding
  • Condoms pills and injectables
  • Control of diarrehal disease
  • Dengue Fever
  • Drug management
  • Education prevention and care
  • General statistics and lessons learned
  • Health facilities and health reform
  • Health policy issues
  • HIV/AIDS prevention
  • IEC BCC marketing concepts materials
  • IMCI
  • Immunization and child health
  • Improvement for capacity building
  • Informational and educational
  • Institutional development
  • IUDs and Norplan
  • Logistics Management
  • Malaria
  • Male and female sterilization
  • NRP Program
  • Nutrition and child health
  • Poorest Cambodians
  • Quality improvement
  • Safe Motherhood
  • Saving For Change
  • TB Malaria Dengue
  • Tetanus related to child health
  • The private sector
    Logistics Management
    01 Oct 99 Ministry of Health - Dept. of Health Planning and Information Health Situation Analysis 1998 and Future Direction for Health Department A brief overview of the health situation in Cambodia, the national health policy and plans for future programs. HealthSit99.pdf
    01 Nov 99 Ministry of Health - Nancy Fronczak Description and Assessment of Contracting Health Services Pilot Project An assessment of piloted contracting health services in five Cambodian provinces, which is testing two models contacting to achieve health system development and service coverage. DesAssess.pdf
    01 Dec 99 Veronica Walford, Delna Ghandhi, Michael Greaves, Mean Chhi Vun, William Piggot, Sissel Hodne Steen Mid-Term Review of the Health Sector Reform Phase III Project The objective of the Health Sector Reform Phase III project is to increase poor people's access to ad use of good qulaity health services. This is a review of progress against the outputs and objectives of the project.



    01 Mar 00 RACHA RACHA Activity Photobook: EDB Information Systems for Supply Management Text and photo report of the Essential Drug systems management and activities. LogisticsPhotoKh.pdf
    01 Dec 99 MoH, WHO, DFiD, NORAD Project Document: Health Sector Reform Phase III The Health Sector Reform Project (HSR) - Phase III 1998-2000 (Phases I and II were known as the Strengthening Health Systems Project - SHS), with funding from UNDP, DFID, NORAD, WHO and executed by Ministry of Health/WHO is a joint UN agencies-bilateral donors and Royal Government of Cambodia initiative to further implement policies and strategies developed during Phase II support of the SHS project. The purpose of the project will be to contribute to the reduction of poverty in Cambodia through the development of quality basic health services particularly in rural areas. Phase III, to be executed by the Ministry of Health, envisages a rapid transfer to and increased capacity of Ministry of Health managers, a phasing-out of long term in-country technical support, and an increase of direct resources and budgetary support to the sector. The end point of the project will be the development of a Ministry of Health managed sector wide approach to health system management. UNDPDocHSRP3.pdf
    01 Jan 02 Tim Conway
    Susan Beckerleg
    Cambodia Health Sector Support Programme: Monitoring and Evaluation, and Social Assessment Issues This document discusses the findings from the initial (World Bank) pre-appraisal. Regarding monitoring and evaluation arrangements, section 2 provides a preliminary set of observations and recommendations. Further analysis is recommended to obtain feedback on the viability of the proposed M&E arrangements, and to cost them properly. Most critically, much of the detail of the M&E systems to be put in place cannot be specified until key project design decisions (e.g. what components will be national in scope and which will be developed in selected provinces; the number and identity of these provinces; etc.) have been made. cam01.pdf
    01 May 01 ASIAN DEVELOPMENT BANK Technical Assistance To Cambodia For The Second Basic Health Services Project This report includes a detailed project feasibility for the Cambodian Government and ADB to consider. The proposed project will cover 27 operational districts in five provinces that are currently included in the ongoing Basic Health Services Project. The tentative ADB assistance is $35 million. In each operational district, the proposed project will pursue the objectives listed in this report. FOR_THE_SECOND_BASIC_HEALTH_SERVICES_PROJECT.pdf
    07 May 99 HEALTH SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT PROJECT Planning Workshop (ZOPP V) for the Second Phase of the Cambodian-German Health Project A planning workshop for the second phase of the Cambodian-German Health Project entitled "Training of Health Personnel and Family Planning" was conducted at the National Institute of Public Health on May 4, 5, and 7, 1999. The objective of this workshop was to define the objectives for the second project phase and to develop strategies to accomplish these objectives. HSR-097.pdf
    Jan 2003 USAID and Measure DHS Health Status and Utilization of Health Services - A Seminar Presentation A seminar presentation on health status and utilization of health services including:
    - Accidental death or injury
    - Physical impairment
    - Utilization of health services for treatment due to illnesses or injuries
    18 Feb 02 Essental Drug Beuru Essential Drug List Essential Drug List Essential_Drug_List.pdf
    01 07 04 Situational Analysis DRUG- 039 Pharmaceutical Sector The Department of Drugs and Food in the Ministry of Health is responsible for the quality and control of pharmaceuticals in Cambodia. For the purposes of this work, Food Safety Bureau in the Department will not be considered. DRUG-_039_Pharmaceutical_Sector.doc
    09 Jun 03 Pharmacien Sans Frantiere-commote international and the drug and Food Department. Essential Drug Basic Information for Health Center Staff and Drug Seller Drug Booklet DRU_038_Essentail_Drug_BookletEVersion.pdf
    08 Jan 03 UnKnow Situational Analysis Pharmaceutical Sector in cambodia Situational Analysis Pharmaceutical sector DRUG-_039_Pharmaceutical_Sector.doc
    01 Jun 03 Steve Fabricant, Ph.D.
    Health Economics and Financing Consultant
    Secondary Analysis of CDHS 2000: Selected Variables Disaggregated by Wealth Ranking, Urban/Rural Differentials The data from CDHS 2000 was reanalyzed using wealth rankings to provide a look at health equity issues. Health status and behavioural factors are ranked on an equity scale. Cambodia_DHSS_Draft.rev2.doc