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Her Excellency Hou Samith has worked with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs 1995-Present holding the following responsibilities: 2013-present: Secretary of State of Women’s Affairs Ministry, join in planning, implementation promoting Neary Rattanak IV, the five year strategic plan; 4 years for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women in Cambodia; 5 years as a Secretary General of the Permanent Secretariat General of the Cambodian National Council for Women; 10 years as a Technical Director General of Ministry of Women’s and Veteran’s Affairs; 2 years as a Deputy Director General of Ministry of Women’s Affairs; 2 years as a Director of Women and Development Department of Ministry of Women’s Affairs; 2 years as a Coordinator of Women in Development programs supported by UNICEF, IOs, NGOs; 5 years as a Manager of Family Food Production Program supported by UNICEF; 8 years as an Administrative staff of Women Association of Cambodia; 10 years as a Women’s Association of Cambodia; Over 3 years as a Member of Commune People’s Committee responsible for Social Affairs and Culture; and 2 years as a Sub-Chief of Prek Pnov health center in Punhea Leu District, Kandal Province.