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Oliver SchellOliver Schell, MD

Oliver Schell mostly worked as consultancies for the following year of services: 08/2019-Currently: Consultant to support nation-wide scale up of On-Demand ID Poor Household, GIZ ID Poor Household Program, Ministry of Planning; 01/2018 To: 04/2019: Quality Improvement and Monitoring Expert, GFA/GIZ Improving Maternal and Newborn Care MUSKOKA Project; 1/2018 To: 07/2018: Lecturer for Histology and Physiology, University of Puthisastra; 10/2017 To: 12/2018: Consultant to Monitor and Evaluation Pilot Project on On-Demand ID Poor Household at GIZ ID Poor Household Program, Ministry of Planning; 07/2016 To: 02/2017: Consultant to Conduct National Baseline on Civil Registration in Cooperation with General Department of Identification; 07/2016 To: 02/2017: Research Team Leader to Conduct Portfolio Analysis on Development Project for University of Duisburg Essen/Institute for Peace and Development; 10/2013 To: 03/2014: Consultant to Evaluate Pilot Project on Civil Registration, UNICEF/Ministry of Interior. 05/2012 To: 09/2012: Consultant to Analyst Data from “The Phnom Penh Urban Poor Assessment”, UNICEF; 04/2012: Consultant to Conduct End Term Evaluation of Indigenous People Realizing the Improvement of Good Health though Sustainable Structure-IP RIGHTSS Project, Health Poverty Action; 07/2011 To: 09/2011: End User Evaluation on the UNICEF Year Planner and facilitation of new Year Planner 2012, UNICEF; 09/2009 To: 01/2011: Consultant for Proposal Development for Assignments of Development Specialists in Africa, Asia and South America, Association for Development Cooperation (AGEH); 03/2011 To: 04/2011: Consultant for Socio Economic Baseline Survey for Rural Electrification Project for KfW, Bliss and Gaesing Consultancies; 04/2004 To: 09/2009: Project Adviser at VOR ORT STOP-TB Project, VOR ORT e.V. 06/2001 To: 03/2004: Project Adviser at VOR ORT STOP-TB Project, VOR ORT e.V.