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Oral contraceptive pills are a commonly used contraceptive method. Pictured here are packets awaiting distribution at a pharmacy in Pursat province.


RACHA supports the training of health professionals to promote birth spacing and informed choice at both the health facility and community levels in all five provinces through the CBD Program. To increase access to long-term methods such as intrauterine devices and voluntary surgical contraception, RACHA provides user fees to service providers and asissts with patient's transportation costs.

RACHA also emphasizes the importance of birth spacing and encourages the use of contraceptives to make healthy birth spacing possible. The goal is that 40% of married women in RACHA's provinces will be using one of the modern contraceptives listed below.

Pills and Condoms:

RACHA recommends the use of both birth control pills and condoms to prevent pregnancy, and, in the case of condoms, prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Through our