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RACHA introduced and developed the Drug Inventory Database at the District level for the Ministry of Health in 2000. Between 2006 and 2008, RACHA scaled up the Database to function at hospital, provincial, and national levels. These databases reformed the drug management system from handwritten methods to a completely computerized recording system. The drug management system reform improves data entry and recording, minimizes paperwork, saves time, and, most importantly, ensures the quality of drug management, a vital sector of health care. The pharmacies now function at top productivity and efficiency to safeguard the health of the Cambodian people. RACHA not only develops and implements the database, but also provides training to users and technical support to ensure proper use and effective functioning of the databases. Since RACHA's development, new systems have sprouted including the Health Center Management Database, Biometric Fingerprint Registration, Drug Registration Database, and Web Based Development for National Programs.