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Ol Sophanith, MBAOl Sophanith, MBA

Ol Sophanith has worked over 16 years experiences with RACHA, overseeing financial management of various projects awarded to RACHA by Donors: USAID, World Bank, Deutsche Gesellschaft International Zusammrnarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. He has started first from temporary staff of accounting, 2 years as Bookkeeper, Financial Assistant and software (QuickBooks); 2 years as Financial Assistant Coordinator; and, currently Senior Financial Team Leader. His scope of works also include: monitoring, verifying all advances, expenses, liquidation, bank ledgers, petty cash, accruals for USAID and other donors; Track cost-share both in-kind and cash; Prepare, maintain and documentation: inventory, physical verification of RACHA’s Fixed Assets, Staff’s Payment, include overtime and Benefit. Review Group Loan report, surprise cash count and field monitoring.