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Submitted by Admin on Sat, 05/12/2018 - 20:54

RACHA works with the National Sub-Committee for Food Fortification to develop and put into practice the national policies, proclamations, sub-decrees, and guidelines for iron and Vitamin A fortification. At the production level, RACHA works with fish and soy sauce producers and vegetable oil refineries to add iron and Vitamin A to their products. RACHA provides them with technical assistance in fortification technique and internal quality control. To increase the demand of iron fortified fish sauce/soy sauce (IFFS/SS), RACHA educates communities on the importance of the IFFS/SS through media and village health support groups. To ensure safety and quality of fortified foods, RACHA trains staff of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy and the Ministry of Commerce in quality inspection of iron fortified fish and soy sauce. Additionally, RACHA provides equipment for testing quality of the fortified products.