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Proper management of health information is fundamentalto an effective health system. Health information system (HIS) management is crucial to study, track, and improve health services and indicators. RACHA has assisted the Ministry of Health to improve and make use of the HIS, building the capacity of staff to plan strategies, and to collect, manage, and monitor data. RACHA remains involved and accessible for refresher sessions to provide continuous support to staff for successful implementation.

Currently, 260 health centers have implemented the HIS program, with 21 indicators for routine HIS assessment at the health center level level and 12 indicators for quality of HIS management assessment at the district level. Through monthly assessment, health staffs are held accountable for accurate and timely reporting and performance. More than simply assessing, these activities are key to collaboration and to exploring alternatives to improve the programs and services provided. These assessments and lessons learned inform decision-making mechanisms at the district level, particularly the Annual Operation Plans. Nationwide, governing bodies established new procedures for health system management to progress into a strong, self-sufficient organizing body. However, implementation of new processes require adequate training to communicate to existing staff the utilization, importance, budgeting, management, and monitoring of new practices. RACHA augments the government's guidelines and tools through essential trainings to health center staff. Capacity building is a pillar of support RACHA provides the health sector from implementation onward.