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HIV/AIDS is a pressing maternal and newborn concern because of the risk of transmission during birth. RACHA works in the community to provide pregnant mothers with health education to seek treatment to prevent mother to child transmission. Closely collaborating with and supporting the health facilities, RACHA stresses the importance of a holistic and preventive approach to maternal cared during and after delivery. The program advocates non-intrusive deliveries that reduce the risk of blood transfer contamination. It also conducts syphilis screenings during a woman's pregnancy, and ensures that all positive cases are treated.

RACHA also supports and collaborates with national agencies to implement new strategies to promote syphilis screening among pregnant woman in over a hundred health centers. This linked and integrated approach builds upon existing programs to maximize screening coverage. To ensure an integrated and accessible screening process, the screening is available to pregnant women when they attend their antenatal care visits. Many patients neglect essential preventive screenings because of the additional time and money spent to complete the process. However, RACHA works to streamline the process from the antenatal visits to screenings to the lab analysis, and finally, to the sharing of results and if necessary disease management.