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Submitted by Admin on Sat, 05/12/2018 - 20:34

RACHA stands out for its important partnership with the Ministry of Health. One of the main projects we work on with the MoH is improving the quality of drug management in Cambodia. A number of major problems within the pharmaceutical sector include periodic shortages, lack of good distribution and storage, and inadequate amounts of necessary drugs; all of which are critical challenges that RACHA is strongly committed to overcome. In addressing these challenges, RACHA works diligently to develop and maintain up-to-date drug management policy and guidelines, to develop drug inventory databases across all levels of the health system and to build capacity of health professionals through training, supervision, and technical assistance. This is to ensure the efficient and effective drug management will contribute to the quality and reliability of health care services. A well-functioning drug management system is necessary to reducing morbidity and mortality among RACHA's key target groups; particularly mothers and children.

A Doctor at Sya Health Center in Sampov Meas, Pursat Province, meets with one of many patients