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Birth Spacing and Limiting


A Documentation and Assessment of the Reproductive and Child Health Alliance
by John Stoeckel, Health and Population Consultant, 1 December, 2000 

A Study of Birth Spacing in Siem Reap Province: Dropout and Late Clients
by RACHA, 1 August, 2000 

Antenatal Health Behavior, Utilization of Public Health Services and Perception of Services by Women with Siblings Younger than Five Years in Maung Russay Operational District
by RACHA, 1 June, 2000 

Appropriate Intervention for the Reduction of Maternal Morbidity and Mortality in Svey Rieng Province, Cambodia
by the Royal Tropical Institute of Amsterdam, 1 May, 1999. 

Birth Spacing (Health Messenger Issue 14)
by Health Messenger Magazine, 14 January 2003. 
Cambodian Women's Perceptions of Fertility and Contraception
by Rattana Phvong Chap, MD. and Claire F. Escoffier, MA., 1 February, 1996 

Cambodia: Country Population Assessment
by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), 8 February, 2000. 

Voluntary Surgical Contraception and National Reproductive Health Program Powerpoint
by Dr. Chhun Long for the Voluntary Surgical Contraception Conference, 28 July, 2003. 

Experiences and Results from Birth Spacing Awareness Activities
by Anneke Westerhof, Phan Sokhom, and Memisa Kampot, 1 October, 1997. 

Family Planning: A Seminar Presentation
by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), 29 January, 2003.