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The Reproductive and Child Health Alliance (RACHA), funded by GIZ, the Multi-Sectoral Food Security and Nutrition Project (MUSEFO), - Food Bank will has been expanding and strengthening its community activities to contribute to the project's objectives to ensure climate-smart improvements in the food security and livelihood conditions and improving food and nutritional status of those vulnerable households to food insecurity and malnutrition, especially women of childbearing age and young children. RACHA offers excellent employment opportunities for dedicated, hardworking, creative and committed professionals with requisite skills and knowledge in Health, Nutrition, Nutrition Sensitive- Hygiene and Agriculture and other tasks with competitive advantages. The project is managed and implemented by RACHA in two provinces of Cambodia.



• Act as the liaison person of the project with the target group and liaise with community representatives and support to seek the identification of existing resources at the community level;
• Ensure that the integration of the new food bank project activities, community-based Savings for Change (SfC) model into the project complemented by the Revolving Fund (RF) and the Community-Based Enterprise Development (C-BED) has brought about a synergistic effect that the nutrition, health and indigence issues are realistically addressed in a collaborative way. The inclusive approach of the project with involvement from formal and informal local actors has also put aboard the marginalized group into everyone’s journey towards family resilience.
• Coordinate and promote livelihood, health, nutrition sensitive-hygiene and agriculture and SfC activities in the target village, communes and districts of MUSEFO - Food Bank Project.
• Provide coordination and build close collaboration with the Revolving Fund Management Committee (RFMC) to improve the participation in meetings and training of knowledge and skills to participate in the planning, implementation and RFMC to successfully meeting of the objectives of the project.
• Participate and coordinate the technical training activities and provide various documents related to the creating climate smart start-ups reducing food waste and being nutrition-sensitive as well as access markets, monitoring and evaluation to improve the quality of implementation of this Food Bank project effectively and efficiently.
• Attend regular meetings with project team and provide up-to-date information on progress, achievements and issues encountered under the scope of the health, nutrition-sensitive hygiene and agriculture and SfC, RF and C-BED activities.
• Participate in training courses on strengthening / building the capacity and awareness raising of Provincial Working Group for Coordinating Food Security and Nutrition (PWG-FSNs) and Commune Councils to effectively coordinate relevant stakeholders working in food and nutrition security.
• Organize and facilitate a regular consultation and meetings at the community level with key actors to ensure a regular and high level of community engagement in carrying out nutrition, nutrition-sensitive hygiene and agriculture, and agricultural activities (if needed) to ensure inclusive and male involvement under the project;
• Identify and build strong relationships with key actors in the targeted communities: Village Health Support Group (VHSG), Care Group Leaders (CGL), SfC, local authorities, community‐based associations, Commune Committee for Women and Children (CCWC), District and Commune/Sangkat Council (C/SC) members and related provincial department’s representatives. This includes the respect of the code of conduct in relevance with RACHA policies;
• Ensure the project activities are implemented timely following the procedures, budget plan and quality standards by RACHA;
• Support and ensure the appropriate use of methodologies (for example, mobilization, facilitation, interpersonal communication, participatory approaches), tools and Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials for best practices and training for appropriate consultation with the community;
• Analyze lessons learned and support the capitalization of existing approaches that are used in the targeted areas and incorporate new innovative approaches of nutrition-sensitive hygiene and agriculture, SfC, revolving fund (RF) and community-based enterprise develoment (C-BED) enhancement for social and behaviour change communication.

OBJECTIVE 2: MANAGE AND BUILD THE CAPACITY OF THE COMMUNITY IN DIFFERENT SECTORS: Health, Nutrition, Nutrition Sensitive Hygiene and Agriculture.

• Conduct various assessments, such as community consultation and mapping. This includes coaching and monitoring of accurate data collection when necessary;
• Register, enrol, train and coordinate with the VHSGs, CGLs and other volunteers to prepare work plans and provide capacity building to the care groups members;
• Responsible for the effective roll-out of Care Group Sessions and home visits within respective areas;
• Prepare and facilitate training sessions or events to targeted groups and related partners on nutrition, nutrition-sensitive hygiene- and agriculture;
• Provide inputs to review or to produce IEC materials for awareness-raising sessions, counselling and practices on basic nutrition, nutrition-sensitive hygiene and agriculture;
• Provide extension services and coaching to selected key actors and collaborating volunteers of MUSEFO Project;
• Assist the integration of SfC, RF, and C-BED into the existing care group platforms. This includes assisting orientation sessions, meeting, coaching, monitoring and follow-ups within individual targeted areas;
• Work closely with CCWC, C/SC and commune clerk members to ensure that nutrition, nutrition-sensitive hygiene- and agriculture activities that have been identified by care group members are integrated into the Commune Development Plan (CDP)/Commune Investment Plan (CIP);
• Follow-up with CC, CCWC members to ensure that the integrated key activities in the CDP, CIP are implemented;
• Support other activities requested by supervisors (Take photos, shot video films that related to the project, comedy shows and all related events at community level);
• Perform other tasks as and when required by the project and supervisors.


• Write report on the attended meetings and organize training (list of participants, results, technical and financial documentations etc.) to share with project staff;
• Closely monitor community health volunteers’ performance by regularly visiting the field sites to evaluate achievements, discuss the constraints encountered,
the possible solutions and recommendations for current and future projects through the implementation and monitoring of a village feedback mechanism;
• Coordinate with health centre staff and commune council members to support community health volunteers to monitor the best practices for nutrition, nutrition-sensitive hygiene- and agriculture at household level;
• Assist in preparation, implementation and data collection regularly for the annual surveys and encode into the project monitoring system of the project web-monitor and follow-up studies and other types of data collection as requested by supervisors;
• Contribute to capitalization and production of recommendations for the current and future project;
• Active contribution to report, especially regarding field data collection and regular updates on the local;


• Assist in preparation of overall monthly activity reports, monthly movement plans/activity plans and annual work plans;
• Prepare monthly activity reports contribution to project situation reports;
• Active contribution to donor reports, especially regarding field data collection and regular updates on the local context;

Other Related Responsibilities

• Willing to join the continuation of capacity development sessions on project-related topics and other related events;
• Perform other duties and tasks as requested by the project management.


• A university degree with a relevant combination of academic qualifications and field experience may be accepted in lieu of the post-graduate university degree;
• At least 4 years of experience in implementing components of health, nutrition- sensitive hygiene and agriculture and community mobilization related program, preferably in a development context;
• Good demonstration to gender, diversity and inclusion;
• Excellent in interpersonal communication skills and training abilities, mastering of participatory techniques;
• Substantial experience in community mobilization, working with local authorities, related departments and village leaders and volunteers;
• Familiarity with budget planning, activity planning and report writing;
• Fluency in oral and written English;
• Ability to use Microsoft Office, e.g. Word and Excel;
• Experience working in development context, preferentially on health, nutrition sensitive hygiene and agriculture interventions;
• Demonstrate experience in education and community-led methodologies;
• Flexibility regarding calendar constraints and communities’ priorities;
• Willingness to work in remote field locations, travel by motorbike and live in basic accommodation;
• Willingness to gain knowledge on nutrition- sensitive hygiene and agriculture and other related areas and activities followed by field implementation;
• Understanding of project life cycle management and participatory monitoring and evaluation of nutrition- sensitive hygiene and agriculture and other related activities, good team working and autonomous;

For more details on the job openings, please visit the RACHA website at and/or: Candidates MUST submit a current resume with a cover letter with three references to: RACHA Office House #02, Street 500, Phsar Deumtkov, Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh, or e-mail to and/or direct to Mr. Choun Satharidh at e-mail:, Contact Number: +855 12 984 424.

• RACHA is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer with strict adherence to the Child Protection Principles.
• បិទការផ្សព្វផ្ាយ និងទទួលពាក្យស្នើ្ ុំត្រឹមថ្ងៃទី ១០ ក្ មភ: ឆ្នុំ ២០២៣

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