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A new mother and father take their newborn baby home from the Bakan health center in Pursat Province, October 2012.

mother-daughters-prey-veng-camMuch of RACHA's programming revolves around family planning and reproductive health; and we believe access to quality family planning resources and reproductive healthcare are fundamental rights. Through increasing women's access to quality reproductive health information and family planning services, preventing unwanted and high risk pregnancies, and reducing the need for unsafe abortions, RACHA's programming improves the health and lives of women and their families, and works towards reducing maternal mortality. RACHA works to make certain that all women are able to make informed choices about their lives, particularly regarding reproduction. Women have the right to knowledge and services that empower them to decide how and when they want to have children. Through providing education and accessible services, RACHA helps to improve the health and well being of Cambodian families.