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A pharmacist goes over his records in Pouk, Siem Reap Province


Since 1979, when the Khmer Rouge period ended, Cambodia's health system has been in a constant state of development . The vital and essential components of the health system are still lacking in many places, including the drug management system. In the past, each level of health facilities had its own drug management practices that differed from one to another across the country. However, in 1998, RACHA, in collaboration with the Essential Drug Bureau, led the development of the drug management guidelines for health centers and referral hospitals. Successively, RACHA developed district drug guidelines tailored to health facilities at this level. RACHA and local authorities undertook the revisions to assure up-to-date quality and effective practice. Supporting the government health system and ensuring proper compliance of the guidelines, RACHA provides consistent and recurring training to pharmacy staffs countrywide.

Through different methods of coordination and advocacy activities, RACHA has increased the MoH's ownership, involvement, and support of other partners in the quality of drug management work. RACHA has been working in close collaboration with every level of relevant departments of drug management of the MoH, including the Department of Drug and Food (DDF), the Central Medical Store (CMS), the Essential Drug Bureau (EDB), and all respective provincial drug offices, operational districts, and pharmacies of the hospitals across the country. High-ranking leaders of the MoH acknowledge and support RACHA as a key actor in this field. All the four levels of drug management databases were handed over to Ministry of Health to run and are now functioning well within the drug management system, with ongoing technical assistant of RACHA.