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Community-Based Health Insurance (CBHI) refers to voluntary health insurance schemes organized at the community level. Aimed at 'near poor' informal sector workers and their families who can afford small, regular premium payments, CBHI complements other health financing schemes within the country such as Health Equity Funds that target the identified poor. Benefit packages vary, but all CBHI's cover user-fees for access to primary healthcare through contracted public health centers and healthcare costs for members at one or more contracted public hospitals. In addition, most schemes cover the costs of transportation to hospital in emergencies and a funeral grant in case of death. While premium payments are often sufficient to cover the costs of direct medical and non-medical benefits, most CBHI's also receive external funding from a variety of sources to help cover administrative and other costs. CBHI can be a lifesaving tool in emergencies, and allows families to live in comfort without constant fear of an accident or illness.