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A young boy waits for his mother to finish her Volunteer Health Support Group training in Pursat province, August 2012.

To improve the lives of individuals and communities in Cambodia by making essential health services including reproductive health, newborn and child health, nutrition, clean water, sanitation, hygiene, infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS and other related services safe, available, accessible, and sustainable.


We are a leading and dynamic local non-governmental organization which advances the health of the people of Cambodia through sustainable, relevant, and responsive broad-based and holistic health programs collaborating with related ministries and donors strategies. We aim to:

  • Develop innovative mechanisms to supplement the health system leading towards adaptation and integration within the health system.
  • Strengthen the capacity of providers to deliver quality care available and accessible for vulnerable and marginalized sectors of society.
  • Empower beneficiaries and mobilize communities to embrace responsibility for self-sufficiency.

We achieve these goals through efficient and effective management of resources and collaborative partnerships and linkages at multiple levels.