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Midwives go over the essential tool of creating a partograph in a training in Angkor Chum, Siem Reap Province, in August, 2012.


The success and reach of a health system is heavily reliant upon its skilled professionals. Particularly when addressing maternal mortality, practiced midwives are essential to ensuring the health of mothers and babies. The Life Saving Skills program is a core component of RACHA's maternal and newborn health programs, with the primary object being to supplement and improve the professional skills of midwives. 
With assistance from international organizations, RACHA trains a cadre of midwife trainers who then are responsible to train midwives in LSS. A ten-module training package, known as the LSS Manual for Midwives, provides critical knowledge training to midwives as well as on-the-job competency-based clinical experience in specific interventions to tackle mortality and morbidity among mothers and neonates. The LSS manual and training program educates, encourages, and empowers midwives to recognize and respond effectively to life-threatening emergencies. RACHA initiated and continuously supports learning materials to both LSS training centers in Battambang and Chamkamorn since 1998 and has become a leading organization collaborating with numerous domestic and international organizations. With years of experience, RACHA is now one of the leading organizations and supports a coordinating role to administrate access to the training courses for HC midwives as funded by other NGO partners.

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