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RACHA works closely with a wide network of village shopkeepers to create demand and support supply of health commodities. The essential health commodities include Population Services International's products of oral rehydration solution (ORS) and Zinc, Aquatabs for purification of water, contraceptive pills, condoms, and iodized salt. RACHA staffs select village shopkeepers to engage in the health program as private sector partners. Village shopkeepers not only provide the health goods, but also are knowledgeable of the health information and management of maternal and child health commodities. RACHA builds their capacity to assure that health commodities are properly sold and utilized. Shopkeepers are also trained to discourage inappropriate drug use and to increase referrals to health centers. This intersection of the private sector and health is vital to increasing the reach of essential health commodities in remote and difficult to reach areas, thus improving the health of families, mothers, and children.