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In Health Centers 

Cambodia's health system is developing rapidly, and relies on supplemental support provided by RACHA to successfully complete training and educational programs. Health facility staff receive additional training and support from RACHA about childhood illnesses to further strengthen their skills and knowledge in order to effectively prevent and treat common childhood illnesses.

At the Community Level

At the village level, RACHA trains village health support groups (VHSGs) to educate families on how to care for sick children, identify childhood illness symptoms, and refer sick children to health centers. In order to more accurately identify and treat common childhood illnesses, RACHA trains community caretakers in prevalent diseases such as diarrhea, respiratory infection, dengue fever, malaria, malnutrition, hygiene, and sanitation. RACHA empowers families to take immediate action at the first sign of illness, which, in resource-limited areas, is crucial to the effectiveness of treatment. RACHA provides continual support and training to the VHSG community trainers to strengthen and reinforce their health education skills and to ensure that they provide accurate health messages to the community.