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Through the implementation of a microcredit scheme, RACHA is committed to improve women's daily income and to empower women by strengthening their understanding of how the scheme benefits their health. Socioeconomic status is a direct influence on health and many women living in poverty not only suffer as individuals, but are unable to care for their children adequately as well. The scheme focuses on the primary livelihood of women households in rural areas by providing financial and non-financial services to improve their daily income and strengthen their basic knowledge of family cash flow. RACHA works in over 300 villages to advance self-sustainability of women through microcredit loans. Women receive financial and technical support to start up and/or expand petty trade and farming activities. The key goal of this program is to establish a solid foundation for the women, in which they are fully capable and independent to earn income necessary to support their children. The children of these women are peripheral beneficiaries who now have improved access to adequate nutrition and diet and the ability to attend school. The Community Health Support Scheme is a focused program aimed at targeting women in poverty struggling to support their children in need.